Jason Besters, Sensei

martial arts, self-protection
& combat sports instructor / coach

Head Instructor/Coach Jason Besters first started training in Martial Arts when he was 8 years old.

He is a former Australian contact Karate Champion and International competitor.  He has trained in a variety of martial arts systems over the years including Boxing and Kickboxing.

Over the last 4 years Jason has chosen to focus his personal learning on three key growth areas, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), grappling (BJJ, Judo & Wrestling) and self-protection/self-defence (Personal Combatives).


Jason actively trains in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, BJJ, Karate, Self-Protection/Combatives (including Krav Maga) and Filipino Martial Arts.

“I am passionate about helping people learn how to protect themselves should they need to, regardless of age, size, strength or athletic ability”. Sensei Jason.


Rankings & Certificates

  • 5th Dan Black Belt – Bowral Martial Arts (previously known as Southern Highlands Martial Arts) affiliated with U.K.B. Kenkokan Karate-do.
  • Black Belt (Shodan-Ho) Uechi-Ryu Karate Do
  • Blue Belt 2 Tips – Brazilian Jiujitsu
  • Level 1 Instructor Kalis Ilustrisimo – Floro Fighting Systems
  • Kinetic Fighting (Civilian Combatives) – Completed Levels Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot.
  • Level 1 – Urban Combatives

Personal Member of

  • Member of IBJJF
  • Member of JJGF
  • Member of Judo NSW
  • Member of Jiujitsu Kingdom
  • Member of Smooth Jiujitsu
  • Current 1st Aid Certificate
  • Current Working with Children Check

I.M.A. member of

  • Member of IMMAFA – International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia.
  • Member of IBF – International Budo Federation
  • Member of IRKRS – International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society
  • Member of ISKA – International Sports Karate Association
  • Member of MAA – Martial Arts Australia.