We are members of Judo NSW

Our Judo class is a 60 min (45 minute for Kids) training session.  Judo is a grappling combat sport, martial art and effective form of self-defence. 

What does that mean?

We teach you the combat sport & martial art of Judo.  

Judo (Gentle Way) was founded by Jigoro Kano (1860 – 1938) in Japan.  It was developed from the founder’s training and knowledge of various styles of Japanese Jujutsu/Jujitsu/Jiujitsu.  Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ was developed from Judo.  BJJ specialises in one aspect of Judo which is ground fighting.

The broad art of Judo contains Throwing Techniques (nage-waza), Grappling Techniques (katame-waza) and not as well known Striking Techniques (atemi-waza).  Please note that the sport of Judo does not include striking.  This is a grappling/wrestling only sport.

Judo has pre-arranged 2 partner drills (Kata) and free sparring (Randori).

There are various tournament circuits that a Judoka (practitioner of Judo) can compete in. Local, national and international tournament opportunities exist.  Judo is also an official sport of the Olympics.

We have a team of qualified Judo Coaches and Assistant Coaches that assist in our various Judo classes.

What does a class look like?

  • Warm-up
  • Practice safely falling and rolling
  • Partner Skill Building Drills (working with a cooperative partner)
  • Throwing techniques (commonly seen in Judo competitions to win a match)
  • Ground fighting techniques (such as control holds and pinning)
  • Submission techniques
  • Free Sparring (Randori) against a resistant opponent.
  • Note:  Our kids and pre-judo classes will vary from this format and will include games and other skills based activities.

Like the majority of our classes, our Judo class is beginner friendly.

We offer a state of the art training facility and a family friendly environment.

What equipment do I need?

  • Judo Gi (Uniform) (for competition you may need a Blue and White Judo Uniform)
  • Water Bottle
  • 2 x Towels (one for you & one to wipe down any equipment you might be using or the mats underneath you)
  • Deodorant

Do we train fighters?

  • The majority of our members are everyday people like you and me.  They come from all walks of life, are a variety of ages (young and older) and are generally training for fun and fitness.  
  • Our Judo classes do cater well for kids, teenagers and young adults.  As we age the sport of Judo can be harder on the body (however it is how we train that makes the difference).  In saying this, we have active members in their 40’s and 50’s+ still successfully training.  We encourage anyone to try it out. Understanding that it is a physical athletic combat sport.  We are very mindful of our students age and abilities and place safety first in our training.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
  • We also have members who are more focussed on the competitive side of combat sports.  When these members train in this class, they are doing it to improve their personal skill set and to get a fitness workout.
  • All Judoka are encouraged to compete in tournaments at their age, weight and skill (belt) level.  However, it is also possible to train in Judo and grade up the ranks without tournament participation which may be more suitable for older members.  It does take longer to progress up the belt system, however it is achievable.
What do I need for my first class?
  • Comfortable clothing / Gym wear. Judo relies heavily upon the Judo Gi (Judo uniform).  Depending on the number of trial members (on your trial day) we may be able to loan you a Gi top for your trial class if we have a loan Gi in your size.
  • We recommend wearing footwear that is easy to put on and take off such as slides or flip-flops.  We do not wear shoes or socks on the matted area.
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel (x2)

Do you sell Judo uniform (Gi)?

  • Yes we do.  We have some Judo uniform sizes in stock.  Otherwise we can order your size in.
  • Please speak to the Coach / Instructor if you wish to purchase a Judo Gi.

Judo NSW Registration

  • If you wish to be graded in Judo and compete at Judo competitions you will need to pay an annual players registration fee with Judo NSW.  This fee is over and above your weekly member subscription training fee.

Judo NSW Fees (per annum)

  • Associate Membership $20
  • Junior Membership $100
  • Junior Trial Membership $0
  • Mini Kids Membership $50 (This Mini Kids Membership Type is for children (under 5 years old only) who want to participate in club level judo activities. Mini Kids will not have access to other Judo NSW membership programs including; Gradings, Tournaments and other Judo NSW Events).
  • Senior Membership $140
  • Senior Trial membership $0
 If you click on the button below you will be taken to the Judo NSW website where you can register or renew your membership with Judo NSW.  Please look for “Highlands International Judo Club” from the list of clubs available.  Active Kids Vouchers are accepted by Judo NSW.