Our Karate class is a 60 minute (45 min Kids Class) which teaches you a freestyle, holistic and practical Karate Syllabus.  Our classes involve Games (for the kids), Basics (Kihon), formal patterns of movements and two-person drills (Kata & their practical application), *Sparring (Kumite) as well as specific practical anti-bullying and Self-Defence techniques.  We make a point of integrating other martial arts and combat sports into our Karate training and syllabus such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujutsu, Grappling and Self-Defence / Combatives.

Karate can be practiced as an art form, as an alternative to other forms of physical fitness, flexibility and mobility.  Karate can be practiced as a combat sport.  Karate can be practiced with self-defence in mind.  Karate can be practiced as a way of life with its guiding principles and philosophies.

*Please note that our sparring is a progressive process that you are introduced to when the coach believes (and you agree) that you are ready.  Essentially we teach you how to spar safely and how to look after your sparring partner.  We then slowly increase the intensity and resistance to the level that you are at.  We also encourage the use of a range of protective equipment to help protect you and your team mates. Safety, sustainable training methodologies and a fun and friendly training environment are four of our top priorities.

What does that mean?

We teach a progressive system and syllabus that introduces you to and takes you on a journey of learning a holistic, complete and practical Karate.  We teach a freestyle Karate system that includes core techniques found in Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujutsu, Grappling and Self-Defence / Combatives.  The core of our syllabus is Karate.  We respect the traditions of Karate, however we do not consider ourselves to be a traditional Karate school.  We see ourselves as a progressive, modern interpretation of what the founding fathers of Karate intended Karate to be, which was an effective form of civilian practical self-defence against common acts of physical violence.

Karate (Empty-Hand) is known as a traditional martial art and although similar in some aspects to combat sports, such as the sporting side of Karate (i.e. various tournament opportunities from non-contact to full contact) it is in its entirety very different from many combat sports.  

Karate originated in China as a form of Chines self-defence (Kung Fu) and then it was brought to Okinawa and then finally reached mainland Japan. There are stylistic differences among the mainstream styles of Karate, however generally speaking the essence of what they teach should be fundamentally the same.  If you go back far enough in history many of the founding fathers of the mainstream styles of Karate, cross-trained in other fighting arts such as Judo and Jujitsu and shared ideas, techniques and philosophies with each other.

Like any sport or martial art, there are various styles, associations and tournament circuits.  Some will argue strongly that one style or system is better, or more authentic than another.  We have elected to remain freestyle and independent and at the same time closely align ourselves with like minded practitioners, instructors, styles, associations and tournament systems.

The freestyle Karate we teach has been strongly influenced by the following styles/systems UKB Kenkokan Karate, Shotokan Karate, Uechi-ryu Karate, Koryu Uchinadi, Shorinjiryu Karate and Koshiki Karate.  That does not mean that our Instructors have mastered each of these individual styles, it means that we have learnt from and had hands on experience and interactions with instructors and practitioners in a variety of ways with these styles.  Some we have been formally graded under, others we are loosely associated and/or affiliated with.

Does Karate include any grappling or is it just punching and kicking?

  •  Yes, Karate originally included Joint-locks, Pressure Point strikes, Take downs, Throws, Clinch work and Grappling.  Many Karate schools don’t teach any of this any more.  At IMA we make a point of ensuring that our Karate students work towards becoming all-round practical martial artists who are able to protect themselves or a loved one should they need to.
  • In saying that, the majority of what we do is standing on our feet or getting up from the ground.  We teach our students the fundamentals of ground fighting, however we choose not to stay on the ground where possible.
  • Most Karate tournaments are based around punching and kicking only.  You may also compete in Kata (set pattern of movements).

What does a class look like?

  • Warm-up
  • Light stretch
  • Basic Techniques
  • Individual Technique Drills
  • Kata (set pattern of movement) practice
  • Partner Skill Building Drills
  • Partner Pad Work
  • Heavy Bag Rounds (e.g. 3 min round) AND/OR Kick Shield Rounds
  • High intensity finish AND/OR Sparring with a team mate (for those that are ready).
  • Games (for the Kids Class)
  • Warm-down and stretch

Like the majority of our classes, our Karate class is beginner friendly and also suitable for more experienced members.

We offer a state of the art training facility and a family friendly environment.

What equipment do I need?

  • Karate Gi (Uniform) and Belt (your first belt is a white belt)
  • Karate Hand Mitt (or MMA Gloves)
  • Karate Shin Guard (or Muay Thai Shin Guards)
  • Boxing Gloves (or MMA Gloves) – Optional
  • Groin Guard (if sparring)
  • Mouth Guard (if sparring)
  • Water Bottle
  • 2 x Towels (one for you & one to wipe down any equipment you might be using or the mats underneath you)
  • Deodorant

Do we train fighters?

  • The majority of our members are everyday people like you and me.  They come from all walks of life, are a variety of ages (young and older) and are generally training for fun, fitness and self-defence.
  • We also have members who are more focussed on the competitive side of combat sports.  We offer sports Karate focussed training for those interested in going in a Karate tournament (non-contact point sparring through to full contact).
  • Our Karate class can be used to help build the skills required to compete in a Karate tournament.  One of the tournament systems that our students are able to compete in is via the International Sports Karate Association (https://www.iska.com.au/)
What do I need for my first class?
  • Comfortable clothing / Gym wear. (You will get hot and may well work up a sweat).
  • We recommend wearing footwear that is easy to put on and take off such as slides or flip-flops.  We do not wear shoes or socks on the matted area.
  • Drink Bottle
  • Towel (x2)
  • If you have Karate gloves, Boxing gloves or MMA gloves & shin guards please bring those with you.
  • If you don’t it is OK.  Just come along and if you need gear on the night we can provide some loan equipment for the trial lesson.

Do you sell Karate equipment?

  • Yes we do.  
  • We sell Karate Mitts, Karate Shin Guards, Boxing gloves and MMA gloves. (please speak to the instructor to work out what is right for you).
  • We also sell Shin Guards, Mouth Guards, Groin Guards etc.
  • Please check out our online store, once you have signed up as a trial member.  Please check with the instructor before purchasing any equipment.