Our Kickboxing class is a 60 minute skills, fitness and sparring class (for those students that are ready to spar).  

*Please note that you are not forced to spar and our sparring is a progressive process that you are introduced to when the coach believes (and you agree) that you are ready.  Essentially we teach you how to spar safely and how to look after your sparring partner.  We then slowly increase the intensity and resistance to the level that you are at.  We also encourage the use of a range of protective equipment to help protect you and your team mates. Safety, sustainable training methodologies and a fun and friendly training environment are four of our top priorities.

What does that mean?

We help teach you the fundamental skills required in Kickboxing and in Muay Thai (there are rule set and stylistic differences).  We then ensure that you use those skills in a variety of ways during the class to raise your heart rate and get a cardio workout.  For those who are ready to spar, there will be opportunity to spar with a team mate (of a similar level) or with one of our coaches. (*see note above regarding sparring)

What does a class look like?

  • Warm-up
  • Light stretch
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Partner Skill Building Drills
  • Partner Muay Thai Pad Work
  • Heavy Bag Rounds (e.g. 3 min round) AND/OR Kick Shield Rounds
  • High intensity finish AND/OR Sparring with a team mate (for those that are ready).
  • Warm-down and stretch

Like the majority of our classes, our Kickboxing class is beginner friendly and also suitable for more experienced members.

We offer a state of the art training facility and a family friendly environment.

What equipment do I need?

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Muay Thai / Kickboxing Shin Guards
  • Groin Guard (if sparring)
  • Mouth Guard (if sparring)
  • Water Bottle
  • 2 x Towels (one for you & one to wipe down any equipment you might be using or the mats underneath you)
  • Deodorant

Do we train fighters?

  • The majority of our members are everyday people like you and me.  They come from all walks of life, are a variety of ages (young and older) and are generally training for fun and fitness.
  • We also have members who are more focussed on the competitive side of combat sports.  When these members train in this class, they are doing it to improve their personal skill set and to get a fitness workout.
  • Our Kickboxing class can be used to help build the skills required to compete in a Kickboxing or Muay Thai tournament.  It can also be used to supplement and complement your other martial arts training such as Judo, BJJ, Karate or MMA.
What do I need for my first class?
  • Comfortable clothing / Gym wear. (You will get hot and may well work up a sweat).
  • We recommend wearing footwear that is easy to put on and take off such as slides or flip-flops.  We do not wear shoes or socks on the matted area.
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel (x2)
  • If you have boxing gloves & shin guards please bring those with you.
  • If you don’t have boxing gloves, I can arrange to lend you a pair to use for the night.  You will need to wear ‘inner gloves’ for hygiene reasons and we spray our gloves with a sanitiser after each use.

Do you sell kickboxing equipment?

  • Yes we do.  We have boxing gloves in stock.
  • We sell a starter kit for $69 which includes a quality pair of gloves, hand wraps and skipping rope. (you are welcome to buy your gloves elsewhere, however we are confident that the kit we provide is value for money.  If you are going to buy gloves elsewhere we recommend that you discuss this with the Boxing coach, so that you can make sure you get the right sort of gloves for the class.
  • We also sell Shin Guards, Mouth Guards, Groin Guards etc.
  • Please check out our online store, once you have signed up as a trial member.