senior technical adviser & grader

Shihan Terry Riches 


Terry  began his martial arts journey in Judo 1968 at the Highbury Judo Club, under Sensei John Ward and trained in most arts available.

In the years later he was part of the London Judo squad (1975-77) under Shihan Alan Fromm and Shihan Keith Remfrey 

As a British Army PTI in unarmed combat he was part of the British Army Judo team and the Combined Services Judo team (1981-84 training with QMSI Terry Dolan)

He has competed in Judo, Jujutsu, BJJ, Wrestling, Pro Boxing, Shooto and Vale Tudo events and has extensive experience as an MMA coach.

In 2004 as part of the Australian team for the AKJA he won the Bronze medal in Osaka in the veterans section.

So over his 50 plus years in martial arts, primarily in Judo and Jujutsu but also encompassing many other systems including Kempo, he has also been a regular writer for Fight Times Magazine on Judo articles and has held positions as

  • Former President Australian Judo Union
  • Australian Rep. of International Free style Judo Alliance
  • Former Vice President Sambo Organization
  • Dean of Kawaishi Ju Jitsu Australia
  • Former President Australian Pangration Athlima Federation
  • Former State President and National Vice President AKJA
  • Co-founder Australian MMA Association
  • Co-founder Oz Warriors MMA
  • Former Official for F.I.L.A

He currently holds the grades of:

  • 7th Dan Judo
  • 5th Dan Pangration
  • 7th Dan Jujutsu ( graded October 2012)
  • 2nd Dan Kempo
  • 1st Dan Sambo