Where are you located? How can I find you?

We are located at “Unit 1 / 8 Davy Street, Mittagong NSW 2575“.


Please note:  Google Maps has us as “Davy Street” and the local street sign has recently been updated to the spelling of “Davey Street“.  


When you first turn in to Davy Street you will see a large Choices Flooring Store on your left hand side (Corner of Cavendish Street & Davy Street), then you will pass next on your left a gym called “Pure Jiujitsu” and then you will see my Gym/Dojo “Integrated Martial Arts” next on the left.


Please check out Google Maps for more assistance and directions from your current location:


What types of classes do you run & what style of martial arts do you teach?

We currently offer the following classes, systems, styles:


Karate (Freestyle / Hybrid) – Integrated Martial Arts (in Japan we would be known as Sogo Budo/総合武道 )


It’s best to think of our Karate system as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in a Gi (Karate Uniform) integrated with street self-defence & self-protection strategies.


We teach a “style free” Karate system that some may consider a “hybrid system” as we teach much more than what people commonly view as Karate.  For those who have had the chance to research old school Okinawan Karate, it is likely that they would have reached the understanding that “Karate” has always been intended to be a comprehensive civilian self-protection system.  Karate as a system has always contained much more than has been broadly accepted by many in recent times.


Although Karate is at the core of what we teach in this class, we have chosen to integrate core techniques and strategies found in popular combat sports including Boxing, Kickboxing / Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Submission Wrestling.  


In addition we sprinkle in certain aspects from other martial arts systems including Japanese Jujutsu, Taekwondo and Filipino Martial Arts (Kali, Arnis, Escrima) and other traditional weapon systems. 


Finally, we ensure that what we teach our “B-SAFE” program which is built on and derived from a variety of popular Combatives and Self-Protection / Self-Defence systems.  This is where we teach real life street self-protection strategies and provide a simple and effective toolkit to give our students the greatest chance of avoiding dangerous situations, verbally deescalating should they find themselves in the middle of something, escaping should they have the opportunity to do so and finally, as a last resort physically engaging to quickly end the situation (and/or escape) taking into account their moral, ethical and legal obligations as a law abiding citizen.


We also offer competition opportunities for those interested.


For those who come from a Karate background and want to know more about stylistic influences of our hybrid system.  Our head instructor has personally trained in Uechi-ryu Karate, Shotokan Karate and a free style martial arts system (MMA before that was a thing) that was affiliated with U.K.B. Kenkokan  Karate-Do.  


We have trained with and/or been influenced in various ways by:


– U.K.B. Kenkokan Karate-Do and Hanshi Pat McKean (based in QLD Australia).  


– Koryu Uchinadi and Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (now based in Okinawa).  


– Uechi-ryu Karate-Do and Hanshi Arthur Moulas (NSW Australia).


– World Koshiki Karate Federation and Dr. Masayuki Kukan Hisataka and Shihan Masamitsu Kudaka.  


– Jissen Budo International and Shihan-Cho Paul Cale.  


– Iain Abernethy and his teachings of Practical and Applied Karate.  


– Finally we have been influenced by what has become known as Combat Karate (which has been greatly influenced by some of the worlds former MMA champions).


Judo (Olympic & Freestyle Judo)


We teach the combat and Olympic sport of Judo.  We also teach freestyle elements of Judo.  This just means that we holistically teach the art of Judo (which contains so much more that what we might be able to see by watching an Olympic Judo match.  We of course teach our students the rules of competition Judo as this is a very important aspect of the sport of Judo.


We are members of Judo NSW.  Judo NSW is a member of Judo Australia.


One of the benefits of training in Judo is that the sport is codified across the world. Essentially anywhere you travel in the world you will encounter very similar Judo instruction and competition.


Judo is a competition sport and therefore we encourage our members to get involved in competitions as soon as they have developed the basic skills and are ready to do so.


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) including a specialised Youth MMA program


Mixed Martial Arts or MMA means different things to different people.


MMA is a type of combat sport.  A sport bound by rules, with a referee. It has proven itself to be an effective form of fighting.  It takes into account all ranges of fighting including Standing, Standing Clinch and Ground fighting.


We want everyone to experience the benefits of MMA training.  You don’t need to be a serious competitor to train MMA with us.  Our classes are beginner friendly.


MMA incorporates aspects of the most popular combat sports including Boxing, Kickboxing / Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu.  It is a holistic combat sport.


Even though MMA is a sport, it can help develop skills, fitness and conditioning that can help you in various aspects of life including positive mental health.


We have a Youth MMA program which offers a graded system to help encourage continued training and personal development.


There is of course opportunities to compete if that is what you want, however it is not a requirement if you simply wish to train.


Boxing / Kickboxing (Skills & Fitness)


We offer a Boxing and Kickboxing skills and fitness class (including Muay Thai basics) .  Our coaches are accredited MMA coaches, but we are not accredited “competition boxing” coaches. 


This class compliments our Karate and MMA classes and also offers a class that you can participate in without being too serious about Martial Arts or Combat Sports in general.


We teach you fundamental skills that get you to a level that you can get a cardio workout.  This class is all about having fun and getting a sweat on.  You can take your frustrations of the day out on a bag, in a safe environment.


You don’t have to be fit or good to start.  Just come along and have a go.  


We have several students who didn’t feel they were very fit when they started and we have helped to transform their lives for the better.

What is your Timetable or Class schedule?

We currently run classes on TuesdayWednesday and Thursday of each week.


We are always looking at how we can expand our weekly class schedule.  This will be based on demand.


To view the current class schedule please refer to the following page on our website: 



What is your gym like and what facilities do you offer at your gym?

At IMA we offer you a world class martial arts and combat sport training centre.

Depending on what class you are in we refer to our training centre as a Gym or a Dojo (Japanese for training hall).


Our facilities include:

  • Top of the line “Zebra” MMA training Mats (made in Germany).
  • Several large Boxing Bags for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Karate training.
  • Several floor to ceiling boxing bags
  • Speed Ball
  • Cobra Reflex Boxing Bag
  • Boxing Duck / Slip Bar
  • Several large crash mats
  • MMA cage fence
  • Padded Walls
  • Several Kick Shields
  • Several Boxing Focus Mitts
  • Several Muay Thai Pads
  • Coaching Body/Belly Pad
  • Coaching Thigh Pads
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Kettle Bells
  • Slam Ball
  • Kids Activity and Games equipment
  • Two Toilets / Change Rooms
  • Fans
  • Heaters
  • Large Mirrors
  • Round Timer
  • Music Speaker

We have specifically designed our training centre to meet the needs of all types of martial arts, combat sports and other related training such as yoga, personal training etc.

Do I need to be fit to start training at IMA? I'm really unfit, does that matter?

We encourage you to come along and start training, no matter how unfit you may currently feel.


Please don’t wait to get fit before coming to train.  That is what coming along will help you do.


The best time to start training is today, regardless of how ready you feel.


You will be surprised at how quickly your energy levels increase and your fitness develops.


We have several students who have shared with us how much IMA has changed there lives for the better.


IMA has and continues to help people physically, mentally and emotionally.  Not to mention it has helped create another social opportunity to connect with others. 


We are beginner friendly and a great bunch of people from diverse backgrounds and ages.


Come along and give it a try.  Have fun, make new friends.  Join the IMA family today!

I'm over 40 does that matter? Am I too old to train?

If you are over 40 that is fantastic.  It is important to join a place that understands what it is like not to be in your prime.


Here at IMA we have students of all ages from young to not so young any more.


It’s of course recommended that you seek your doctors advice as to the suitability of martial arts training.  In saying that, please don’t allow age to influence whether you try out a class or not.  We love to see people develop and grow, regardless of their age.


We have several coaches over the age of 40.  So they all understand the aging process and what that feels like first hand.


If you would like to discuss which classes might suit you best, please feel free to reach out to us.


The Boxing / Kickboxing fitness class and / or the Karate class are two good options for beginners and for any age student.

What equipment do I need? What do I need to bring to class?

Required for all classes:

  • Water bottle
  • Towel (to wipe up sweat and to place on the mats under you while stretching)
  • Foot wear that is easy to put on and take off such as thongs, flip flops, slides or slippers. (you must wear footwear while using the bathrooms/change rooms)
  • Wear clean clothes suitable for exercise without any sharp attachments or zippers. (zippers can scratch people and mark the training mats)
  • A change of clothes if you intend on training in more than one class on the same night.

Boxing / Kickboxing Fitness class:

  • Boxing gloves and/or MMA gloves. (Boxing gloves are preferred for a high intensity workout and proper boxing gloves are preferred over bag gloves. Bag gloves have no thumb protection)
  • Hand Wraps
  • Mouth guard (for more experienced members that may have opportunity to spar with a partner.  If unsure, please speak to the coach)
  • Shin guards (also for those authorised to spar with a training partner)
  • Please note sparring is usually reserved for our MMA classes, as this class is a fundamental skills and fitness class.
  • If you don’t have boxing gloves.  We offer a starter kit that includes boxing gloves, hand wraps and skipping rope for $69.
  • We can lend you boxing gloves (and inner gloves for hygiene reasons) for your trial class, just speak to the coach about this when you arrive or send us a message prior to your trial class.

Karate classes:

  • Boxing gloves and/or MMA gloves. (Even though you can use Boxing gloves, MMA gloves are more suitable for this class as you can still grab and use your hands with MMA gloves on.)
  • Hand Wraps (although not necessary for this class, they may be used at times).
  • Mouth guard (for more experienced members that may have opportunity to spar with a partner. If unsure, please speak to the coach)
  • Shin guards (also for those authorised to spar with a training partner)
  • Karate Uniform (also known as a Karate Gi).  We can provide you with a black starter Karate Gi for $49. (RRP: $69)

MMA classes:

  • Mouth Guard (is mandatory for this class (including Youth MMA).  This is just for precaution, we are safety conscious and look after our training partners.)
  • Boxing gloves and/or MMA gloves. (MMA gloves are preferred in this class, although there may be opportunity to use your boxing gloves)
  • MMA uniform (Rash shirt & MMA shorts preferred). If you don’t have an MMA uniform, please wear training gear that doesn’t have zippers and preferably no pockets.

Judo classes:

  • Judo Uniform (also known as a Judo Gi).  We can provide you with a blue starter Judo Gi for $69. (RRP: $100).
  • Mouth Guard is recommended (although optional)
  • If coming to a trial class, please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that doesn’t have zippers (to prevent scratching others). We can also loan you a Judo Gi (top) to assist with your trial class.
How much does it cost to train at IMA? What is your pricing?

We have a simple and affordable pricing model. We offer some of the most affordable training in the Southern Highlands. Please refer to our pricing page.